Ways to Read Tarot Cards Easily

Tarot cards are an essential asset of people with psychic abilities and help them foresee what might come in your path based on your current energies, thoughts and feelings. The intriguing symbols on the tarot cards have made them very popular and inspired many young minds to explore their psychic selves by learning how to use a tarot cards deck. But as many wise people say, the most powerful source of information is deep within us; the tarot cards just help us to get in contact with our higher selves.

To develop psychic abilities and read tarot cards, you need to learn how to focus on your intuition as your best source of information. There are many different decks of tarot cards and no specific number of cards in a deck. The types of cards and their meanings are the same, but the illustrations of the symbols are not. Rider-Waite, Deviant Moon and Morgan-Greer are three of the most popular tarot cards decks. If you just bought a new deck and are eager to find your favorite way of reading tarot cards, here are a few simple and easy ways to read tarot cards for beginners.

Memorize the Meaning of Each Card

As a beginner, it can be really difficult to read each tarot cards quickly and accurately, so this way might come handy. Spread out all the cards of your deck and start memorizing their meanings from a book or the Internet, one by one. Knowing the core meanings of the cards will allow you to use your knowledge to any deck you might use in future. It may not be the way you imagined it'd be, but for starters, it's the best way to read tarot cards.

Read the Symbols

If you're willing to let your psychic instinct guide you, this method is the right one for you. Each tarot card has an alive and rich symbol that has a specific meaning and multiple layers. To use this method, look at the symbols of the cards you draw and see what stands out for you. It's a great way to relate the energies of the cards to your life experiences and since we all have different feelings and experiences, every reader can interpret a card differently.

Single Card Reading

The single card tarot reading is the easiest and simplest way to read tarot cards and is used to provide a brief and concise reading. All you have to do is pick one card and let the card tell you a story. This type of tarot reading can be also used when a defining answer is needed. After reading the card, some readers pull a few more cards and let them create a longer story.

Tarot Card Spread: What Is It?

The tarot spread is the order in which you lay out the cards on table. Each card has a meaning based on where it falls and it also indicates if it's speaking about the past, present or future. Using a specific spread makes it easy to read tarot cards, because the cards always have two possible interpretations and the surrounding cards tell you which one fits. Here are the 2 most popular tarot card spreads:

The Three-Card Spread

The three-card spread is the easiest one, because it uses only three cards. The three cards mirror the spiritual energy of the trinities in the universe: past, present and future; morning, noon and night; the heaven, the earth and you; father, son and Holy Ghost. Start by drawing three cards and lay them according to the three groups. Even if you don't know the meaning of a card, you can feel the cards in relation to each concept. Then, try to read the message or feel the energy of the three cards combined. This method gives you a quick cosmic overview and a fun tarot reading too.

The Seven-Card Spread

Although this spread uses seven different cards, it is very basic. Each card is placed in a way that connects to a different aspect of the situation. The most popular seven-card spread is the Ellipse spread. The first card is for the past, the second for the present, the third for the future, the fourth suggests the person you're reading to what to do, the fifth for external influences, the sixth for hopes and fears and the seventh for the final outcome of the situation. It should go without saying that this tarot reading gives a deep insight into a situation.