How to Get Rid of Bad Spirits Attached to You

Having psychic abilities and being able to read spiritual guidelines has a small price: psychics are more likely to get a bad spirit attached to them than other people. Beneath the veil of the reality we know, there are beings similar to ourselves, yet very different. Sciences is behind the existence of spirits, angels, deceased souls, ghosts and other spiritual creatures, but science says that not all entities are mean. They could be just lost and are seeking for your help, so you need to send them on their way.

Every culture tells stories about spirits and ghosts that keep company to the human beings ever since the beginning. Since the presence of spirits is also backed up by science, it's safe to say that the world is full of spirits. Most spirits tend to start an interaction with humans. There are two types of entities: those that belong to the “Dark Force” and those that belong to the “Light Side”. The Dark Force entities are made of dark energy (negative energy and fear) and their intention is to create fear, agony and pain among people, as well as to steal the light, energy and power of the people.

These bad spirits usually chase people who have a weaker aura, which makes people more vulnerable to dark force creatures. Once a bad spirit gets inside the energy field of a human, it can influence and affect the human's beliefs, actions, behavior, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and energy levels. Even if the spirit attached to you is not bad, you don't need an entity in your life that has the potential and the tendency to influence your life. Here are three efficient and simple ways to get rid of bad spirits.

Talk the Bad Spirit to Leave

The bad spirit attached to you might be lost and looking for a way back home, so talking it to leave may work. Be confident and firm and say something like “Go home, this is not your home, it's time for you to leave this world”. Also, you may consider wishing it good luck, as being polite might make you feel better. In many cases, this has been an efficient way of sending a bad spirit away.

Banishing Ritual

Over the history, the banishing ritual has been used to send bad spirits away. Any culture that believes in bad spirits, ghosts, fairies and other spiritual creatures and their tendency to interact with people has a specific type of banishing ritual. The banishing spells and rituals are quite different, but they are all simple. Here's one popular banishing ritual that can help you. Take a piece of paper and write down your problem. Be concise and specific while being deeply focused on the problem you're writing down. Then, burn the paper with a lighting or a white candle, so you can watch it burn.

Protection Herbs

For centuries, herbs have been used for all kinds of reasons and purposes, which includes protection of people from bad spirits. Cinnamon, lavender, rosemary, basil and sage are known for their protective properties against negativity. Garlic has also protective qualities against dark force spirits. To use the protective properties of these herbs, make yourself a bag of all these herbs and keep it in your pocket. Also, you can put these herbs in the doorway and windows of your home.

Once you get rid of the bad spirit that has been chasing you for a while, it is of utmost importance to clean your home and work space in order to prevent another visit from an uninvited spirit guest. If our tips didn't help you, you should seek additional help from a spirit releaser.