How to Let go of Anxiety and Worrying

Worrying is a habit that can easily get out of control and cause anxiety, panic, impact work productivity and cause troubles in relationships. There are many reasons why we repeat the same old destructive pattern that leads to worry and anxiety. But no matter what are those reasons, worrying and anxiety are unnecessary in our lives and can only bring negativity, failure and harm.

The most important step in getting rid of worrying is to realize that worrying is never the solution, but a constant threat. Even if it helps you to prepare for bad things that come in your way or come up with a solution, the bad side of worrying, which includes getting you out of control, leading you to depression and maybe suicidal thoughts, is a bigger concern.

But as we said, worrying is just a habit and habits are bound to be broken. You have the control over your brain and you can train it to stay calm in various situations and remain positive all the time. Here are few effective ways on how to let go of worrying and anxiety for good.

Identify What Triggers Your Brain to Worry

The first step is identifying the cause of your worrying. The most common worries are around few similar themes: health, relationships, work and money. Since many people perceive their worries as facts, it can be extremely difficult to separate usual thoughts from worrying thoughts that could lead to anxiety. Once you identify the trigger of your worries, make sure you eliminate it from your life or at least make it happen less frequently.

Create a Worry Period

At first, it may sound like an awfully silly idea, but let me explain how can this method work. When worries and anxiety take control over your thoughts, you're incapable of being productive in your day-to-day life. Trying to focus on positive thoughts, telling yourself to stop worrying and distracting yourself for a while don't work, at least don't stop the worrying thoughts for good. The idea is to create a worry period of about 15-30 minutes a day (for example: at 5 PM), in which you are allowed to worry about anything. By the time 5 PM comes around, your troubles won't even feel that important anymore. However, it's forbidden to worry before and after your worry period.

Be Present

You can be in the most beautiful place in the world, but if you are worried and full of negative thoughts, then you're missing your lifetime opportunity to be happy in the now. Mindfulness means being aware of your current surroundings, experiencing life with all of your senses every moment. If you are thinking\worrying about your past or future, you're not living in the present. One efficient way to focus on the now is to meditate daily.

Make Meditation a Part of Your Daily Routine

Meditation is a way to calm your worried mind and have a better life. Even though making it a part of your daily routine is not that easy, there are many online guided meditation courses that can help you to learn how to meditate. Usually, people get caught up in their to-dos and shoulds and forget to think about taking a little break, which is exactly what their brain needs. Meditation can help you turn off all of your thoughts. After your session, you can see your worries clearer and all you need to do is acknowledge them and let them go.


Excessive worrying and anxiety provide you with a lot of unused energy and there are a lot of ways you can turn that energy into benefit. Channeling your negative energy from worrying into something positive can be extremely efficient in getting rid of anxiety and worries. Whether you go for a run, a walk, weights lifting or take a swim, physical activities reduce anxiety and immediately make you feel better about yourself.